All hail the inspiring artist!

Whether or not an artist is inspiring is a very subjective debate. For me, inspiration is drawn form those artists whose work makes me think, provokes my comfort zone, transports me into another dimension and, as it happened this week, engender public debate.

So all hail the 28 artists participating in the Sydney Biennale who wrote an Open Letter, threatening to boycott the event unless the board of the Biennale sever their sponsorship deal with Transfield Holdings, as they hold contracts with the Immigration Department to provide services at the detention centers at Nauru and Manus Island.

I am very much heartened by their action as it, and the size of the debate it has engendered, reminds me of the power of the artist to touch us - thank you.

Late this afternoon the board of the Biennale announced their decision in reply to the artists' Open Letter