Arts Ambulance.....

.....First Aid for the soul!

We visited Apollo Bay Music Festival today and met Dave, the Arts Ambo.

David Freedom Rose is a member of the Apollo Bay community and has used this years' music festival to premiere his Arts Ambulance.
He stood out from the many stall holders in that he had nothing to sell, not a single product to feed our relentless consumerism.
Instead Dave, The Arts Ambo, provided a pristine set of Derwents, some paper, a plush rug upon with various musical and percussion instruments and some colorful ribbons. All of it inviting festival goers to do or practice, rather than just buy.
We came away what.... if I had to put a name to it, I'd say joy. This joy was also evident in the 'patients' Dave administered his First Aid to - thank you Dave.

Dave, the Arts Ambo administering his First Aid

Patient Fiona's creative joy restored.
Dave, the Arts Ambo can be emailed HERE.