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Mark your calendar - 5th of July - New Print Making Workshop!

Don't miss out on this 5 hour workshop covering 2-Colour Reduction Print Making and register by June 25th by emailing or phone 52362464

Scared Weird Frozen Guy

Inside the Artist's Studio featuring Rusty Berther Thursday 12th June, 7.30-8.30pm at Birre Cafe (71 Main St, Birregurra) Yep, it's him! That guy that pops up on TV and Radio every now and then.  You've seen the Melbourne International Comedy Festival..on the Bert Newton Show...warming up the crowd at the closing ceremony of the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games...slinging his guitar ho-down style at Gosling Creek Winery... Most recognisable from former comedy music duo, Scared Weird Little Guys, Rusty is now out on his own—unshackled and enjoying complete artistic freedom.....freelancing as he calls it! His latest artistic adventure is a book!  A book about a run. Not any kind of run. A marathon. And not any kind of marathon— the Ice Marathon —42 kms through Antarctica, one of the most unforgiving places on Earth. Join us at Birre Cafe on Thursday 12th June at 7.30pm to find out what's inside this artist's studio. We'll dive into the dep

Art unexpected!

....often touches us the most. Even if it's only Lego, as this work demonstrates. It was part of the 'Art of the Brick' Exhibition a little while ago. If you come across any form of Art unexpected, why not share it with all the BAG members. Just email it to us and we shall pop it up on this site for all to see.

Hark! I hear the sounds of singing in Birregurra!

Last Tuesday you might have heard the sounds of singing emanating from the Christ Church. Birregurra's singing/gospel group was off to a flying start. The group meets fortnightly, Tuesdays, at the Christ Church at 7pm; so if you are a secret shower singer and would like to take your tones that little bit further, why not come along? For more details, email Fiona at For a little dose of inspiration check out this new video of Peter Hollens, a Capella artist who's arrangements are created solely using the voice and mouth.