The Music Makers - Birregurra's Gospel Singing Group

Singing is good for you!

Be it men or women,

Young or not so young.

According to Colin Slater, founder of Sing Australia, singing for fun can provide a counter force to the many pressures our modern life brings. 
'Every day there is something new, pressuring us to achieve or fall behind. ..Although computers have made some tasks quicker, they have also increased the pressure to produce results faster, worse still, time for each other has decreased too, as the internet and email take over our social contact.
Getting together to sing will enable us to enjoy each other's company and it will provide pleasure and relaxation. ..It will provide a sanctuary from the pressures of the world and provide a place where singers may enjoy the release and pleasure of singing.'

It is no wonder that Music Therapy is one of the fastest growing therapies, increasing the wellbeing of it's participants.
Joining Birregurra Gospel Singing Group will increase your wellbeing and, as experienced by me, will send your happiness barometer north.

It is an informal group that meets every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at the Christ Church Hall at 7pm.
As you can see from the photos, all are welcome. If you compare the cost of other therapies, the cost of $10, which includes a scrumptious supper afterwards, is more than excellent value for money. Children sing for free.

The budding choir is expertly led by Nathaniel Taylor, Teacher of Music, Trinity Collage.
Joining the group was a whole lot of fun and we walked home singing with warm hearts on a cold night. The children felt very welcomed and the granddaughter is scheduling her next sleep-over on 'singing group' night.

If you want to stretch your vocal chords, just come along or email Fiona at