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Do Art & Business mix? Yes they do!

 Here is a last minute opportunity for artist still wondering if they can!      For bookings email Linnet or contact her on 0414629539 or go to her website  

The Music Makers - Nathaniel Taylor

The reluctant music maker Nathaniel Taylor moved to Birregurra, with his new bride Elizabeth Braid, at the beginning of 2014, after securing his first teaching position as Teacher of Music at Trinity College, Colac. His music making had an early start with piano lessons, aged 5. Like so many music students, he loved playing but not so much practicing. A change of teacher, to one who recognised, stretched and extended his talent, enabled the young Nathaniel to work through the AMEB stream. He went to Ballarat's Clarendon College, a secondary school renowned for it's strong music program, where he added the violin to his repertoire and played it in the school orchestra. His VCE subjects included Music Styles, Solo Performance/Classical Piano. Even though he enjoyed music, he did not plan a career in music and definitely did not want to be a teacher. After a gap year and some travel he enrolled in an Arts/Marketing degree at Monash University. Whilst a car

I love it when a plan comes together!!!

If you haven't heard already, Birre is coming alive with the sounds of music.   It's been a few months now since we started our little singing group in the Anglican Church hall every 2nd and 4th Tuesday. And it's growing! Not just in singers but in enthusiasm. Each session just seems to be getting better and better. More confident! More relaxed! More fun! The group was spawned from the idea of bringing together Birre's community members from all walks of life to sing - with no particular aim in mind - just to enjoy the joy and have some fun. And last night was exactly that - a Super Fun night! After practicing a tune that we'll join OMM with during the festival weekend, Nathaniel Taylor had us sounding fantastic with our brand new favourite song - Curtis Mayfield's People Get Ready ( beautifully sung by the Melbourne Mass Gospel Choir - Hi Roz!). Now, while religion does tend to feature from time to time in some of the gospel songs we sing - I suppose

Honky Tonk Heaven at Barwon Downs

Just 9 days to buy you ticket to the Barwon Downs country dance from Birre General Store or Dymond & Dymond - great music from Rusty Berther's friends and just $20 a ticket.  Round up a carload, chuck on your dancing shoes and head to the Downs for a hoedown! The more we support these events, the more we will be able to bring to the area!