The art of communication and the communication of art....

Linnet's website the circular concept that feeds and drives the work of Linnet Hunter, poet, coach and small business mentor.

Linnet is one of those rare individuals who is gifted on both sides of this communication coin.
On the 'art of communication' side, this word-smith is acutely aware that a very large part to genuine communication is to truly listen.
Whether that be listening to those around you or to your intrinsic self.
Through WILD SKY, she offers artists an opportunity to learn the skills of communication and listening, thereby liberating them to express themselves through their art.
Linnet offers workshops, seminars and on-on-one consultations to help artists to find their wings by creating support structures for their work and strengthening their creativity through the power of words.

On the 'communication of art' part of the coin, Linnet's poems talk straight to the heart, they are deeply felt.
She says her poems are a gift, that they arrive from somewhere and it is up to her to capture and share them.
I suspect this gift is the manifestation of listening to her innermost self.
She has been 'capturing' 3 series of poems in her life so far.
Word & Flesh, released in 2014, Capture & Flight and Spirit & Heart, both due for release in 2015.
Word & Flesh with it's beautiful cover by Rebecca Readhead, another local artist. 

The quality of a work of art is surely related to how it touches the listener, viewer or reader and Linnet's poems are heard by the heart.
Her poem - I Looked In The Mirror, inspired artist Helen Davey to create a soundscape.

I recently sent the above link to a friend as a form of thank you for her thoughtfulness and this was her response:
         'Tears came to my eyes when I read that poem. Tears for me (boy, could I relate!) and also tears for you. Its interesting how what we see on the outside sometimes doesn't give us any inkling of what can be happening on the inside. Linnet is an amazing poet. We bought her book and its beautiful. Beautiful music too. Its all very thought provoking stuff'

I can't think of better words to demonstrate the Art of Communication and the Communication of Art.