All hail the inspiring artist!

Whether or not an artist is inspiring is a very subjective debate. For me, inspiration is drawn form those artists whose work makes me think, provokes my comfort zone, transports me into another dimension and, as it happened this week, engender public debate.

So all hail the 28 artists participating in the Sydney Biennale who wrote an Open Letter, threatening to boycott the event unless the board of the Biennale sever their sponsorship deal with Transfield Holdings, as they hold contracts with the Immigration Department to provide services at the detention centers at Nauru and Manus Island.

I am very much heartened by their action as it, and the size of the debate it has engendered, reminds me of the power of the artist to touch us - thank you.

Late this afternoon the board of the Biennale announced their decision in reply to the artists' Open Letter

Would you like to exhibit at Kana?

Kana Weekend in Colac is celebrating its 57th year of community entertainment and they want you to exhibit your artwork. 

The festival is held from Friday14th to Sunday 16th March 2014. A Street Parade and fantastic Fair-in-the-Square occurs on Saturday15th March.

As part of the 57th Colac Kana Weekend, local photographer, Shane Powell, is putting together yet another Scouting Talent Photography and Art Show as a Fundraiser for the Colac Otway Scouts. He is looking for work to fill the walls of the Scouts Log Cabin. So if you have anything that he could use or know anyone who would like to exhibit, please contact him on 0447 260830. If you like, you can make your work for sale.

...NOT....another Saturday night!

...with nothing to do.

If you have Saturday night free, why not check out White Night Melbourne.
Saturday, 22nd of February - 7pm to 7am.
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