New Workshop from Theresa Lawrence - Solarplate Printmaking!

'Just letting you know that I will be holding a Solar Plate Etching Workshop on October 31st. I will send a flyer out presently, so think of this as a 'save the date' post!

Solarplate Printmaking is a method of Printmaking where solar radiation (the sun or a UV light) hardens a photopolymer layer to make a plate with all the similarities of traditional etching. With Solarplate, a film is produced onto acetate to create the image. The film and the Solarplate are exposed to UV radiation and the plate with the image on is developed in water. It can then be inked as would a metal plate and printed onto dampened printmaking paper.

Best Wishes,
Teresa Lawrence.' 

EMAIL us for more information.

Below is an example of a Solarplate print...
Winter Branches by Kathleen Westkaemper