Announcing an August Writing Workshop With Linnet Hunter!

What is it?
A practical workshop devised especially for artists and creative entrepreneurs to help them create an online bio that speaks with their voice, reveals their special brilliance and lets the world know what they have to offer with clarity, grace and style.

What you get
  • where to start
  • how and who to ask for help
  • three art activities to generate your words 
  • ways to excite your reader about what you do 
  • how to avoid sounding like you are bragging 
What it’s about
Writing about who you are and what you do is a challenge for everyone, but especially for artists whose work is bound up with their creativity.

These workshops explore Vision and Voice.

  • getting clear about what a bio needs to have and the research phase
  • who am I writing to? 
  • how much of this do I share? 
  • what does the reader want to know? 

  • finding the words, using your voice, exploring ways of sharing your work, using a structure 
  • making the most of who I am without under or over selling myself, crafting the offer and making it shiny. 

Worksheets with practical original activities
Materials - butchers paper, texts, paints and so on
20 minutes follow-up coaching for each participant on their writing- valid for 30 days after the workshop

Discount on purchase price for the ebook Vision and Voice: The ultimate guide to writing your online bio- for artists by Linnet Hunter

1X3.5 hour hour workshop including morning tea

Minimum =5
Maximum =20

$30 per person

About the facilitator
Linnet Hunter loves language as an artisan jeweller loves glass. Many of her own bios, however, written over the ten years she has been a solopreneur, coach, writer and poet, have been dull, inadequate and totally failed to articulate what she does. Having learned from this she brings her later successes and extensive experience to help others avoid mistakes and use their best bright words so their offer is shiny and irresistible. She facilitates learning by incorporating art play, word games and the power of being in group conversation to build a core piece of writing with each participant.