OCR FM Invitation!

Jonathan here from OCR FM community radio station. I present the '921' show over the summer school holidays sharing community information and song requests. 
I'm writing on behalf of OCR in regard to new presenters and programming. As I've previously chatted with you or your community organisation, I believe you have a great connection to your local community. 

OCR FM gives a voice to members of the local community to share their favourite music, community information and areas of expertise - and we're looking for new radio shows.  
Community radio is different to commercial or national radio, as its created and run by volunteers. Programs are many and varied, giving airtime to topics not readily available in other forms of media. 

If you or your organisation would like more information about getting involved with hosting a show or a regular segment, please feel free to reply to 921@otwayfm.org.au

Need some ideas to host your own show?

THIS IS .... - town specific news, information and interviews for Colac, Forrest, Beeac, Birregurra, Gellibrand, Camperdown, Alvie, Cororooke....

RADIO ACTIVE - share fitness and sporting information

RADIO THERAPY - health advice 

RADIO SENSITIVE - discussion of important local issues 

50 SHADES OF HAY - farming discussion and news

THIS BIG! - fishing tips

DRAMARTIST - arts, culture and theatre 

Or music show ideas

AURAL PLEASURE - new or retro music

CLASSICOOL - classical music 

GROOVE ME - jazz, blues, soul, RnB

B-SIDES AND RARITIES - rare or unreleased music

It's your show. Your radio station. Your ideas. 
Find out more at www.ocrfm.org.au