Colac Otway Arts Trail Invitation to Participate - 17th & 18th March 2018

Colac Otway Arts Trail Registration form
17th & 18th March 2018 Kana Weekend

Dear fellow artist,
We invite you to register to be part of our proposed arts trail for the Kana weekend 2018.

This is a trial Arts trail organised by a small volunteer group to promote the Artists and arts activities in the Shire because we believe there are some incredibly talented people hidden in our shire and some wonderful arts venues that are need of promotion. Just as we believe the Visual arts in general are in need of support and promotion.

At present we are unfunded although we are looking at getting sponsors for some printing of maps and signage.
To make this successful we would love any extra help, advice or recommendations and promotions you might be able to offer
We look forward to your registration and hope we can make this an annual event.
Thank You
The Colac Otway Arts trail Committee
Colac Otway Arts Trail

Information for participants:
Please read these guidelines an apply as relevant:
  • Above all have FUN!
  • Always have a companion with you during your open hours
  • Tell your neighbours what is happening. Invite them
  • Do not leave valuables unattended
  • Tidy away out of sight personal possessions
  • Keep cash secure
  • Lock or bolt access to private area
  • Inform your insurer in good time
  • You must make a formal risk assessment before the trail starts. List dangers, photograph them, take notes and remedy the situation. This shows you are not negligent.
  • An assessment may include giving thought to potential hazards on your property, especially for children and the elderly, the disabled and animals. Steps pools etc
  • Studios & workshops have hazards. Remove sharp or dangerous implements ad poisonous substances to a safe place
  • Warn people of steep steps, low beams passing traffic. Put up temporary signs.
  • Display a clearly visible warning that public enter at their own risk
  • We will endeavour to find a disclaimer to display at your own property
  • Provide a copy of your certificate of currency for public liability $10 million – 20 million

·       We plan to provide you with signage and red flags to indicate you are open and promote you via our Facebook page: Colac Otway Arts Trail as you register. Please send Jpegs to showcase your work

·       You will also receive promotion via the Arts trail on the  Colac Otway Shire Events page, OCR & Mix FM if you register early.

If you don’t have public liability insurance you will need to get some; or you are welcome to be part of our pop up gallery & arts market projects

For Insurance you can google some contacts: Nava  or phone:02 93681900; Regional arts Victoria. or community groups

Note : Code red or severe bushfire day event will be publicised as not going ahead.