Meryl Leppard has fallen in love again! At her age!! A laugh out loud show filled with storytelling and song.

We're very excited to be supporting the fabulous Meryl Leppard with her upcoming show, The Thief. Grab your tickets NOW at COPACC and join us for a rollicking night of storytelling and song. 

Leppard, an acclaimed songwriter for the Off Broadway hit, Cougar the Musical, is a weaver of stories. She performs magic at the piano, drawing us into her world with a voice that is arresting, haunting and utterly authentic. Meryl’s solo shows cross genres. They are a sophisticated hybrid-cabaret of music, humour and performance poetry. Stylistically, her music ranges from jazz-like idiom, through blues and adult pop, to the sweet sounds of country cross-over.

Grab the girls and come along for a night of hilarious fun with Meryl Leppard and The Thief.