Colac Otway Arts Trail comes to the Birregurra Hall - Sat 10th & Sun 11th April 2021


The Colac Otway Arts Trail will be held over three weekends in April this year.

2-4th April - Apollo Bay, Forest and surrounds
10-11th April – Art Expo Colac, Birregurra and surrounds
17-18th April – Gellibrand, Lavers Hill and surrounds

Maps and details can be found at

This year the BCAG's contribution to the Arts Trail will be held in the Birregurra Hall on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th April. On Sunday 11th April, the Birregurra Market will also be held. The hall will feature artists including:

...David Lancashire,
...Inge O’Leary,
...Deb McSephney,
...Lea Barker,
...Bonni McLaren and
...Pam Fyfe.

These talented artists will exhibit and, where possible, demonstrate some of their art techniques. They will be available to talk to visitors about their various practices and their work. (See their profiles on the arts trail website)

These artists are representing the Birregurra Community Arts Group in the trail. Check out details at or on Facebook.

The Birregurra Hall will be an excellent venue to display the work of these local artists. Please come along and experience it for yourselves.

Close by Birregurra, the arts trail will also feature Sandy Batten (Barwon Downs) and Tarndwarncoort (Warncoort) on the same weekend.