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Deans Marsh SPARK presents Fieldworks

There’s a new group show of local artists coming up at Deans Marsh.   The recently renovated Footy Shed Gallery is hosting an eclectic mix of works from Lea Barker, Deb McSephney and Brendan Barker. There’s something for everyone from this trio of artists.  Sculptures, collage, prints, photos and art books.  It’s great to see events like this pop up again in our local area, so do drop in to have a look.  Look out for the shark! Fieldworks runs from 26 February to 13 March and is open 12-6 at weekends and during the week by appointment. The official opening is from 4-6pm Saturday 26 February, with drinks available from the Cricket Club bar. Note: On Sunday 27th March there will also be a ticket only concert from 3 - 6pm in the Deans Marsh sports precinct and access to the art show will be restricted to concert ticket holders.